Friday, April 8, 2005

Anna Nicole Smith Has Shown me The Light Of Day Once Again

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In my regular list of emails today I got my weekly Peta spam and in there was an appeal from Anna Nicole Smith to please stop that 'bloody seal hunt that's killing all those poor defenceless baby seals'. That's almost as bad as having that MacGyver guy going to PEI a few weeks ago to check out what they're doing to the baby seals. But I clicked on the link and watched the IFAW video attached to Anna Nicole's most adolescent plea and I suddenly realized that the seal killing IS just as horrible as the factory farming horror that's affected so many of us to the point that our lives have been changed on a moment to moment basis. That video is compelling and really should be watched. That, in addition to Rebecca Aldworth's article about watching the one seal die - that article really reminded me about downed cows and watching them die in parking lots and how people who find them feel so helpless in watching them die.

It's all so horrible and all so useless and all so unnecessary.

Another thing about the seal hunt that's bothering me that I've only seen written in one spot is the fact that there's 3 million seals and supposedly there's this huge cull going on because they're eating all the cod. In nature if they were eating all the cod so that there were none then there wouldn't be 3 millions seals! The system would self-correct itself. So obviously they must be eating something other than cod that is as equally plentiful as themselves - so to be killing them to bring up the cod stocks is faulty logic.

But then at the same time I'm ashamed to be among members of the animal rights community when they're doing things like calling fishermen at their home and threatening them. I belong to a Yahoo email group that were talking very freely about what they were doing and where they got the phone numbers from and what they were saying and they were very happy to be doing it and felt very righteous to be doing it. When they started doing that I was sure they were going too far and I was ashamed. And then there's articles like the one in the Toronto Star that talks about how much of a money maker that the seal hunt is for animal rights organizations and I think that's very wrong too. That makes way more money than any money the fishermen make by the slaughter of the animals. If the hunt stops the animal rights organizations will suffer the most! What will they do then?

I'm willing to bet everything that I own that Anna Nicole owns leather products and eats meat. And the makeup that she wears has been tested on animals - and that she's had some botox injected into some parts of her face somewhere. But at the bottom of that page is a little video that is very compelling that has nothing to do with her that has made me see things differently today. Despite Anna Nicole and despite Rebecca being paid by the HSUS and despite it being filmed by the IFAW. It shows sentient beings that I've actually seen swimming alive and sunning themselves and seen dead and seen my dogs rolling on with unconditional glee on the beach - running for their lives from men with pointy sticks - and most of them not being successful. And like Oprah says - "Once you've seen that, you can't deny that it doesn't happen".

Daisy having a good roll on a dead seal at Conrad's beach in Feb 2005 Posted by Hello

I think now I'll get back to talking about dogs again though...

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