Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Money and seals

Snapshot of an email I got this afternoon from the HSUS anti-sealing people from the ice-floes off PEI Posted by Hello

"At 7:34 a.m., I watched the barbaric clubbing of one of the first baby seals killed on Canada's ice floes this season, signaling the start of the largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. It was not easy to watch. And it won't be easy to stop. It will require the unrelenting pressure of people like you and me who will not stand idly by while hunters methodically beat, skin, and kill these defenseless animals. But we can and will stop it--with your help. On this tragic day, I urge you to join me in stopping the seal hunt forever by making a donation to our Protect Seals campaign."

That's the problem that I have - all these emails coming from the HSUS and everyone else - in no less than 4 spots in this email was a place to click on to donate. It's like all they want is my money. It's like it's a money making venture for them. The seal hunt is as much a revenue generator for them as it is for the fishermen. If the seal hunt stops how are they going to get their money. Have they thought of that? And why do they have a white coated pup on the page? Those are illegal to kill. That's disingenuous.

The fishermen are making money by hunting seals - how much money is the HSUS making by hunting fishermen? A helluvalot more I'd bet. With a lot less risk to life and limb.

And once again - I'm not FOR the seal hunt - it should be stopped - just like the abbatoirs and dairy industry should be - they're all equally BAD - but they're all equally the SAME - it's just that the ice floes don't have walls to hide behind, and the seals have beautiful long eye lashes - but so do cows, but cows are a bit more yummy do eat and quite so fatty I guess.

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