Friday, January 21, 2005

Results of the latest Alberta Clipper

We're supposed to get another big storm this Sunday - oh Boy! Tonight it was so cold Buttercup was in her bag almost all night. She's got a bag that I made out of a winter coat that I bring into the park that I carry her around in when it's too cold for her to be on the ground. She's got very sensitive feet and luxating patella - so I assume that she's got arthritis because of it and she's also at least 10 years old - as well as being a PRINCESS - tonight it was probably close to minus 25 at least. That's too bloody cold. But the big dogs have still got to run - they don't care at all!

Buttercup in her winter coat Posted by Hello

Buttercup peeing in her winter coat... Posted by Hello

Leonard in that milli-second before she starts barking - kick this ball NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!! Posted by Hello

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