Monday, January 17, 2005

During the blizzard we had a heavy day of...

It was nice to get a day's worth of extra sleep, I must say.

We had a heavy day of this... Posted by Hello

this... Posted by Hello

this... Posted by Hello

and this... Posted by Hello

It was bloody cold at Seaview tonight though and none of the snow was packed down yet so I had to carry Buttercup in the whole way until we got to the hill that's in the middle of the park - it was windswept so there wasn't any snow on it. She only ran around for a few minutes though and then wanted to get in my coat, which I obliged her immediately. It made for a physical night for me though - I'd do it every night for her though.

This picture reminds me of one I took years ago that I have on my website on my "Tips for being a benevolent alpha" page. Charlie really is a camera's best friend.

Charlie was feeling very deep tonight Posted by Hello

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