Monday, January 17, 2005


Chipper Posted by Hello

Yesterday I went to visit Chipper's foster Mom out in Tantallon. Is he cute or what? It was really neat to go there because she's got 5 dogs too but the dynamics of a house with 5 little dogs is COMPLETELY different than a house with 5 big dogs. They were doing all the exact same things that my dogs do except it was coming out of 5 dogs who all weighed about 5 pounds each instead of 70 pounds each. For some reason when it comes out of a 5 pound dog it's so much more excusable.

Chipper is proving hard to find a forever home for because he attacks any dog who's bigger than him and he'll also attack humans too and his foster Mom wants to be really careful that he goes to a home that has a full understanding of what they're getting themselves in for. He's going to need really good boundaries because he's basically been allowed to be completely feral his whole life. He needs a really calming influence. Sometimes pocket dogs can be as hard to place as big dogs.

Stay tuned for later today - we're having another huge blizzard here - I'm completely socked in - hopefully I'll get out and take some pictures, but I'm not looking forward to shovelling. One good thing about Spryfield though is no sidewalks to shovel. I love the boonies.

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  1. Anonymous4:26 AM

    I agree it's hard to find the little dogs homes.
    A girl friend adopted a toy poodle from the humane society where she and I volunteer.
    This dog had been returned twice, people said it bit they children.
    She's had the dog for over ten years now no promblems.