Friday, January 21, 2005

Philip, the dog who sheds too much...

The dog with too much hair to love... Posted by Hello

I took this picture on Monday during the blizzard when we were all hanging out on the bed - this goes with the earlier blog posting - those other pictures are also Philip - the one of the dog whose head is on my belly is also Philip - that's an amazing picture.

He's currently available for adoption and a married couple had applied to adopt him this week. They had an excellent application and I did a great home check - they said they'd be willing to work with any behaviour problems that might crop up and I said he was a good barker and would bark at everything at first. But I also said that he was a super loving dog and that whoever adopted him would be very lucky people because the kind of love he gives is very special. I've waxed poetic about him in several spots on this blog before - so on Wednesday night they took him for a try-out. And tonight they returned him because they couldn't keep up with the hair.

I could think of a lot of reasons to return him - dog aggression, bad breath, barking, snapping - but shedding too much? Why did they pick that excuse - why did that one seem okay to them? But I readily took him back with a smile and no recriminations and a hearty thank-you and a suggestion that they might want to focus their dog search on the non-shedding breeds from here on in. And I gave Philip a big hug and some extra cookies and here we are back at square one. He's not been himself all night - it'll probably take him a while to shake off the last couple days - I hope it wasn't too traumatic for him.

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  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    unbelievable, people are in love with things(possessions)
    you have good self control to take the dog back with a smile.
    at the humane society the ladies that work there get reason for getting rid off the dog is due to allergies
    next excuse no good with the kids
    once i had someone say my car smells like dog
    I told my grandma and she said that is a great smell isn't it! a true dog lover