Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Vacuum Cleaner Glutton...

I guess I should have mentioned to the potential adopters of Philip who returned him because they "couldn't keep up with his hair" that he loves to be vacuumed! That's pretty typical of formerly chained dogs - they can tend to atypical responses to common household appliances - like going crazy every time the washing machine turns on. Philip didn't know how to use the stairs the first few times he came up them. It's pretty funny because the rest of the dogs are afraid of the vacuum cleaner and they look at him like he's crazy because he follows me around wanting to be vacuumed and they're running around trying to avoid me but they're now looking at me and him and going "what the hell are they doing?"

So I could've told them that they can stop the hair right at the source with him and do some extra bonding at the same time! He really is such a good boy. See below for confirmation...

Philip rolling over onto his belly so I'll give his belly a scratch with the suction hose! Posted by Hello

Giving his back a good scratch with the suction... Posted by Hello

Getting rid of all that problem hair right at the source with the marvelous power of a vacuum cleaner! Posted by Hello

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