Saturday, August 28, 2004

Chester's Benefit Happened Tonight!

I don't know how much money they made yet, but I think it was pretty successful. I don't imagine they raised the whole $5,000 they need but they probably are getting close. Here's some pictures I took tonight - I also posted a bunch of pictures I took on my Yahoo photos site that has all my Seaview park photos at - they're in the section under "Chester".

For some reason I really wanted this teddy bear. Sandra who owns Piper and Chandler got her for $65. She's worth about $600 - a vet in Bedford makes them by buying old fur coats, tearing them apart and then sewing up these teddy bears. I was unhappy.

The teddy bear I wanted - and didn't get... Posted by Hello

Here's Chester and Sasha - Lori had said I could bring Buttercup but then Sandra said I couldn't. I should have just brought Buttercup anyway. Now I'm sad that I didn't take her.

Chester - the star of the evening Posted by Hello

The little red basket in the front is the thing I bid on and won - it was a "health and beauty basket" - it had a nail clipper, some moisturizer and a couple things like that in it. I also wanted a 256 megabyte usb port that Lori got for $35. But I didn't get that. This auction business is as bad as gambling. I've got to stay away from it because it gives me a bad feeling in my tummy. When I don't get something I get sick in my tummy.

That little red basket in the front is the thing I bidded on and got for $20 - you want to trade me something for it? Posted by Hello

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