Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's been a busy week for "Charlie loves Halifax"

At the beginning of June I was interviewed by CBC radio for this thing called the "Dog Days of Summer" and it was about my website - Charlie Loves Halifax. They aired it at 7:20am on Tuesday and it's been pretty busy since then. I've gotten several emails from people asking stuff, and an editor from the Chronicle Herald heard the interview and thought it would make a good story for the paper so a guy came over and interviewed me and it was in the paper yesterday. Too bad the picture was of me instead of all the dogs - my arm looked like the arm of a 300 pound woman, even though I am not - although I DO have 3 cats. But I'm not 300 pounds - yet. And a few hours previous to receiving the email asking for an interview I had started to cut Buttercup's hair which is a several day process, so she's looking pretty rough in the picture. But I thought Eileen MacInnis - who was the producer for the CBC Information Morning piece did a super job of saying the things that I had said but she said them articulately! And the newspapers article was pretty good too. I wonder if Peter Duffy read it though... I'm looking forward to the letters to the editor from all the dog haters in the city who are going to say that dogs SHOULD be left at home and away from them. I'm sure they're coming.

I put a Adobe Acrobat file of the Chronicle Herald article on my server at - it's funny that the guy who came to take the pictures was the same guy who just happened to take a picture of Buttercup at Seaview one night in May - I also have that as an adobe acrobat file at -

If you want to go try the Chronicle Herald's link - go to

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