Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Tonight we went to the Dingle

The weather was appropriately rainy so I thought it'd be pretty safe to venture down to the Dingle - no joggers or bikers for Daisy to become upset over. We only saw one other dog who looked exactly like Charlie and Leonard.

The Dingle park part of the park scares me though because I think that around every corner is going to be a road and a dog is going to get hit by a car. I feel a lot safer at the Frog Pond end. You also get the feeling that you can end up in someone's back yard like at Hemlock Ravine Park too. I just have SUCH a bad sense of direction. I can never tell where I am. It's pretty sad.

On the beach... Posted by Hello

Running over hill and dale Posted by Hello

Richie Riches to the left AND to the right Posted by Hello

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