Monday, July 26, 2004

I'm Worried about Mrs. Dingle

Mrs Dingle has new sores on her body - she's got them on her face now. The vet gave me Ivermectin to give her. She gets her next dose tomorrow and she's got antibiotics to take as well. The scabs were getting thick but tonight she's been scratching them so much they started bleeding. She looks an absolute mess so I put some neosporin on them. Otherwise she's perfect - she's eating like a pig and gaining weight and she's affectionate as shit - although I'm testing her limits because I've got to give her antibiotics with a syringe so I've got to hold her down to give them so that's hurting the trust building which is hard.

I wanted to cut her back nails but she's gotten so antsy from having to get the drugs that I don't want to freak her out any more than I have to. She's had such a shitty life and their lives are so short I'd like hers to be as pleasant as possible. Her cage is full of toys and things to chew on and she's even starting to investigate the wheel we put in - I'm turning it and she's putting her front feet on it - so I'm pretty sure she's going to figure out how to use it pretty soon.

I wonder if maybe she's allergic to her bedding. Maybe I'll try the "Yesterdays News" bedding instead of the chip type bedding and see if that does anything. Hopefully the ivermectin tomorrow will help - if it doesn't kill her that is. I can't believe I'm giving an animal in my house that stuff.

Mrs Dingle preparing to take a ride on my shoulders Posted by Hello

Mrs Dingle showing her sores all goobered up with Neosporin Posted by Hello

Mrs Dingle with her version of the "Home Alone" hands on either side of face look! Posted by Hello

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