Monday, July 5, 2004

Charlie has got kennel cough

Charlie feeling under the weather July 5, 2004 Posted by Hello

Well - kennel cough has come to the Sinden house. Charlie started hacking this morning. Which did not help my migrained at all. And goo is MUCH worse to pick up than poo, let me tell you. I've almost puked each time I've had to clean it up. I've got a thing about mucous. I can't handle it. At all. And the mucous coming out of a 110 pound dog is pretty gross. Let me tell you. And this is only day 1. If the other dogs are going to get it I hope they get it soon so that they'll all get over it at the same time too. Buttercup's barks sound a bit funny so she may be on the way. Leonard's the only one who seems to be completely healthy because Daisy's had the runs, but other than that she seems fine. If it's not one thing it's something else.

As Gilda Radner said - it's always something. And after all - she's dead.

Daisy says "I feel super - let's go somewhere fun!" Posted by Hello

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