Monday, July 5, 2004

The website is back up

The website is back up Posted by Hello

I decided to put the website back up. I still haven't completely decided why yet. I think mostly so that the assholes don't think that their elitist well-behaved world is going to win. This world needs Daisy's and Charlie's to go barrelling through and Buttercups's to come barking in at the tops of their lungs or else everyone's just going to go into a coma and die. And forget that dogs even exist. Or that absolute joy exists. Which is what the motivation is behind their antics. And how can you deny that? I can't let the tight asses take over because I don't think that that is what Nova Scotia is about. It's about beauty and rocks and climbing them and looking at the ocean and listening to it and watching the dogs play in it and letting them run around its shores and on the grass and in the bushes and playing with other dogs who they happen upon while they're climbing on the rocks. And it's about me being able to choose them as my life companions because I'm free and the society here is laid back enough to say - well you can do what you like and there's no law against it and it's not causing any commotion with me and you're not bringing your dog here to play with my dog at this moment, maybe we'll meet up later and they can play - but right now you're here to shop, or work, or whatever - but he's here as your companion. He's here to brighten my life and I'm here to give him a life that's full of excitement and learning possibilities and good food and different places to poop and pee on. That's what living here in Nova Scotia is all about and that's why I want to put the web site back up.

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