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Update to Snoopy the dog's story - hopefully 2 of 3

So in early March there was an update to Snoopy the dog's story for those who weren't in the loop and it was a big one - unfortunately it wasn't a big enough one for Snoopy to make it back into his Dad's arms - so I am calling this update two of three - because Snoopy still needs to go home.

If you aren't familiar with Snoopy's story here is a link to my first post about him

What I'm going to do is basically just copy and past what Snoopy's "uncle" has written - the brother of Snoopy's Dad has been posting what has been going on - and that's who I'm talking about - Robert Smaggus - he has really been taking this on for his brother, which I think is fabulous.  I have not met either of these men in person - covid after all - but these men's determination to get this little dog back shows their love for this little dog - I have complete faith - not only because the dog is 10 years old and they were able to keep him alive for 10 years - not easy in today's world - and all the work that they've done henceforth to try and get him back from what has shown us as what is really quite an evil realtor world.

PEOPLE - DO NOT TRUST ANY REALTOR AROUND YOUR HOUSE, YOUR CHILDREN, OR YOUR ANIMALS - this is what this story should teach each and every one of us

So on to the update

On March 11, 2021 Robert Smaggus posted the following to facebook:

Dear Team, Snoopy: Time for the latest updates on this on going saga. 

For those of you following, my brother's dog, Snoopy, was illegally removed from his home by Century 21 Trident Realty agent Sarah Sullivan in May of last year. 

The police were involved, but didn't do anything about it. A complaint was filed with the NSREC, and Sarah was suspended and fined $2,500. 

In Sarah's official statement to the NSREC she stated, 

"On the morning of May 30th Nora Landry arrived to pick up the dog and take him to what I thought was a foster situation, but I was later informed that it was a lovely retired woman. . . " Her statement concludes with, "I am aware that Nora arranged for a home for the dog." 

Nora Landry is an Associate Broker/Sales Representative for Royal LePage Atlantic. The property that Snoopy was stolen from was listed with Royal LePage Atlantic, and Robert Scanlan was the listing agent. Matt Honsberger has been aware of this situation since September. It is documented in email. 

He has taken no action. On the weekend, Mike and I met with lawyer, Blair MacKinnon from Heritage House Law, and the woman that has Snoopy, Susan Hastey. Ms. Hastey cannot recall what rescue she dealt with, or if she signed any paperwork for Snoopy. She conceded that she did not pay for Snoopy and that she received him directly from Nora Landry. 

 Ms. Hastey is not willing to return Snoopy, and Blair MacKinnon has advocated on her behalf. This despite the fact that both know that Snoopy was stolen. What is worse is that Susan Hastey is a councillor (Hastey and Associates). She would be well aware of the damage caused to Mike and Snoopy. He owned the dog for 10 years. 

Marg Bowlen, the broker of record for Century 21 Trident Realty, has reached out. She has made multiple attempts to negotiate with Royal LePage Atlantic for Snoopy’s return. She has been unsuccessful. 

Her brokerage and agent have been vilified in the media while Nora Landry and Royal Lepage Atlantic have remained silent. Think about that when choosing a real estate company. 

This is the same broker that lost his liscence for a year for a series of trust fund moves ( 

 Robert Scanlan was recently fined and suspended for 30 days related to signing a client's signature ( 

 If you Google Hastey and Royal LePage Atlantic, you'll find another potential connection to this stolen dog. What is it going to take for someone to do the right thing and return Snoopy? The initial police investigation didn't go anywhere because of a perceived conflict of interest with the initial officer and Sarah Sullivan. (Do your own research on that.). 

I am now forced to file a complaint with the Nova Scotia Barristers Society against Blair MacKinnon for his involvement in this. I'm going to escalate this matter to the Office of the Police Complaints Commission. 

 A dog is personal property under the law. The NSREC completed an investigation and determined that Snoopy was stolen. 

Perhaps an officer could go retrieve him. Snoopy is living at 338 Amesbury Gate if you care to look. Please share this post widely. Free Snoopy!

So now it's all pretty much out there isn't it? We know that Sarah Sullivan DID steal Snoopy - she has admitted it, she's been punished for it by the Nova Scotia Realtors Association and this isn't the first time she's been punished by the Realtors Association - and she lied to the Realtors Association over this case which makes this even more agregious - we also know that it was Nora Landry who she gave the dog to - which makes me so sad - because Nora was a friend of mine - and I lost her as a friend over this - I can't tell you how sad this makes me.  None of this had to happen.

So now we know that Snoopy is living in a condo complex on the corner of Larry Uteck and Amesbury Gate in Bedford and there's nothing we can do about and nothing Snoopy's owner seemingly can do about it because he and his brother are just too polite.

It has been suggested that a protest should happen outside the condo unit to know how unhappy the dog owners of the HRM are with this lady - with this "Susan Hastey" who currently has possession of Snoopy - who is currently in possession of a stolen dog - why is this happening?  I have no idea - that's why this is post 2 of this.

When will post 3 of 3 be written?  I have no idea - but I hope it's soon!

And please don't accuse me of doxxing this woman - that was done when the Realtors association came out with their decision and all this information was in it - public for all the world to see - I'm just sharing it here - also public for all the world to see :)

In January, 2021 the Chronicle Herald published a story about the case:

‘Where is Snoopy?’: Dartmouth Realtor suspended, fined for taking tenant's dog 

 A Dartmouth Realtor is in the doghouse with her regulatory body for taking a hound named Snoopy from a tenant in a home she was trying to sell. 

 The Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission suspended Sarah Sullivan of Century 21 Trident Realty Ltd. effective Jan. 16 until Feb. 15 for violating the province’s real estate laws. 

Sullivan has also been ordered to pay $2,500 in fines. 

 “The violations resulted from an investigation of a complaint from a member of the public. The complainant, who owned a dog, was a tenant of a property that was listed for sale. Ms. Sullivan viewed the property with a potential buyer,” said the decision from the commission. 

 “At a later date, Ms. Sullivan approached the complainant, and asked if they were interested in selling the dog, which they advised they were not. Ms. Sullivan offered to take the dog while they moved out of the property.” 

 Threatened to use inside info Sullivan took the dog and failed to return it, said the decision. 

 “In response to efforts by the complainant to have the dog returned, Ms. Sullivan inappropriately used or (threatened) to use information she acquired only as a result of her access to the property as a real estate licensee. 

When the matter was investigated, she provided false/misleading information to the investigator on several occasions.” 

 This isn’t the first time she has been in trouble with the regulatory body. “Ms. Sullivan had previously been disciplined in 2014 for providing false information to the commission during the course of an investigation.” 

'Dishonourable' conduct Sullivan’s actions hurt the profession as a whole, said the decision about taking the dog. “This conduct is dishonourable, unprofessional, harmful to the best interests of the public and to the reputation of the industry at large. 

The public must have confidence that when they provide access to their property to members of the profession, that their privacy will be respected and information shall be gathered, used and shared, only for reasons related to the trading in real estate. Further, it is a violation to provide false/misleading information to the commission.” 

 Sullivan, a mother of four, declined to comment when reached Monday by telephone. 

 “I am unfortunately not able to discuss or disclose my side of the story,” she said. 

 Brother still looking for dog 

A Dartmouth man named Robert Smaggus said in an email to The Chronicle Herald that the dog in question, named Snoopy, belonged to his brother. 

 “I have been looking for him since June 4, 2020,” Smaggus wrote. He said he complained about the missing dog to police, but was told it was a civil matter. He also noted in his email that he contacted Patricia Arab, the minister responsible for Service Nova Scotia, but was told she couldn’t intervene in the case. 

 “Where is the accountability?” Smaggus said. “Where is Snoopy?”

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