Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Funny story - remember that time you left your dog in a locked, parked car by himself for 2 months?

Of course you don't remember - you aren't a psychopath who would let their dog starve to death, alone and abandoned in a car in a rarely used parkade in the middle of Halifax Nova Scotia.

But Bethany MacLean did - and she's now charged under section 445.1.1 (a) of the Criminal Code for willfully causing unnecessary suffering, or injury to an animal. MacLean was also charged under section 446 (b) of the criminal code for failing to provide suitable and adequate food, water, shelter and care for it.

For some reason she saw fit to abandon her dog for 2 months in her car in the Staples underground parking lot  and the poor thing starved to death.  That parking lot is barely used so probably no one ever heard his barks and he just slowly died.  I can't imagine a worse death.

The NS SPCA said that when they did a necropsy on him that he had garbage in his stomach - he probably tore the inside of the car to pieces and ate it trying to fill his stomach poor thing - and that "due to the condition of the dog, the Nova Scotia SPCA’s chief provincial inspector, Jo-Anne Landsburg, says it appeared the dog had been in the car “for a very long time.”"

It's amazing that something this evil could happen here in Nova Scotia - it goes against every value that we hold most dear - respect for every living creature, love for animals, caring for everyone and everything we come upon - I can't believe that no one came upon this animal in the two months he was in the car - but somehow no one did.

Bethany MacLean is going to be going to trial in April 2018 - I hope at a bare minimum she gets a prohibition on ever owning an animal again in her lifetime, and a sizable fine - due to horrific nature of this crime - I don't think a jail sentence would be out of order - depending on which judge is giving this file I think it may happen - which would be amazing.

I plan on attending the trial if my health is okay because the thing will be very interesting to bear witness to for this poor dog who had no say in his horrible death.

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