Saturday, June 29, 2013

Announcing a new rescue for Nova Scotia - no chains ALL LOVE

In association with People for Dogs - a new dog rescue has been started - one that focuses on the rescue of chained dogs in Nova Scotia.

There has never been a chained dog focused rescue before in Nova Scotia and I think the time has come to start one. A lot of times formerly chained dogs have special needs that regular rescues and shelters might not have the resources to dedicate, and no chains ALL LOVE will provide the specialized services that formerly chained dogs might need.

One of the big differences between a chained dog and a normal rescue dog is speed - a chained dog has spent their whole life within probably a 6 foot space of the world - so when they are rescued - everything has to be done very slowly, the slower the better - whereas with a normal rescue dog - a lot of the time the reason they went into rescue had absolutely nothing to do with them - they're ready to jump right into a normal life. With a chained dog - that is not the case.

The only thing they're ready to accept - at 150% is love. And all they can get.

So that's why we've set up a chained dog specific rescue - because People for Dogs think that the advocacy work that they're doing is going to be unearthing some chained dogs that are going to be needing rescue - and we want to have the resources ready to accept them.

We have a website built at - we have a facebook page you can check out - and we also have a twitter account.

We also have our first rescue!

His name is Ben and he's an english mastiff mix - he has come in at 120 pounds and should be probably about 170 pounds or so - so he's quite underweight.

He is a very gentle soul, and is about 5 years old - he has never lived inside but is enjoying all of the creature comforts that he is shown - just today he learned to lay on his back for belly rubs and stayed in that position for probably about 6 hours!

He won't be available for adoption for about another 2 weeks until after he's neutered - he needs to gain a bit more weight first and resolve some infections first that he has on his feet.

We hope that our little rescue will be embraced by people who care about chained dogs.

There are a lot of chained dogs out there that we can't help unfortunately - those owners who refuse to give them up - but for those owners out there who will relinquish them and do the right thing - we will be there to take them.

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