Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Private Dog Park Opening on the Lucasville Road

The owners of Paw Prints Doggy Day Care are opening a private, 6 acre fully fenced in dog park on the Lucasville Road - and they are looking for members to sign up to join.

With the absolute dirth of public off leash space that the Halifax Regional Municipality has provided to the tax pay dog owners of the city - it's an idea who's time has come and I'd imagine the private dog park will have an absolute huge amount of members - myself among them - as long as they are loose with their vaccination requirements, because I do not vaccinate my dogs.

That will be a killer if they require all those stupid unnecessary vaccinations.

Anyway - if you want to sign up or get more information - you can email Darlene Walker at


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    But remember if your dog has amstaff, pit or any other bully breed you r not welcome... so tell me will the yellow lab who jumped over my fenced in yard and attacked my little amstaff as she lay on her back unsure why he doesn't like her.... be allowed in your dumb park... you'd have to pay me to step foot in your park... good luck as i have already started letting all me friends know how your park won't allow my babies in.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      I completely agree! I hate breed discrimination. I own a bordie collie and was very excited to hear about the park, but when I heard about the breed discrimination there was no way I was taking my girl there. All breeds should be welcome. My girl has been bitten more times on her paws by a dachshund then I can count, but wait...that is cute and ok, because they are little. Wrong!!!! End Rant!!!

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I agree. We have a pitbull and a 15 month old who loves her. We don't have to worry about our pitbull biting our baby, we have to worry about when we visit a family member who has a french bulldog. So not far.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I say I have to agree with Anonymous.......I have 2 rotties. Always had big dogs. Not sure if you discriminate against rotties or not, but any discrimination against ANY discrimination!!!!!

    if you are going to have this kind of park, then educate people on the different type of breeds, if they then choose not to come in, then that's their problem. Why should my dog not have fun because people are haters....

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    What about akitas? they are the most agressive and dangerous breed and they aren't even on the banned list. these people don't seen to fully know what they are doing. they should allow pit and bully breeds in as long as they pass the screening process. This park won't get a cent of my money.

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I agree! I have spread word about the breed discrimination that is going on. There are many people who will not step foot in this park and many of these people don't own the pitbull/amstaff/large breed type of dog.