Saturday, February 2, 2013

NS SPCA says it may give up enforcing Animal Cruelty Act

The NS SPCA's Executive Director, Kristin Williams said in an interview with CBC Radio this week that if funding isn't found this year - that her organization is going to run out of money, and they will not longer be able to investigate animal abuse in Nova Scotia.

The organization has only been given $3,000 a year by the Nova Scotia government to enforce the Animal Cruelty Act - and last year the NS SPCA received 18,000 calls that they were asked to investigate - so you can understand how $3,000 did not cover those expenses.

Historically the SPCA has used money that they've brought in through fundraising and donations - as well as from investments - but they've spent all the money that they had in investments - and the fundraising and donations are just not enough to cover their costs - and this year - 2013 - the money is totally going to run out.

They have crunched their numbers - done fantastic statistical work, and know that for the work they do - they are an amazingly efficient organization - but still the department of Agriculture, for some reason will not give them the money they require.

We seem to be the only province in Canada that is refused to be supported by government money to support abused animals through enforcement of our animal cruelty laws - every other province gives money to their SPCA's to fund their organizations so that they can go out and enforce animal protection laws - but for some reason here in Nova Scotia - all our legislators seem to care about is making wine making kits legal.

So push has come to shove - and the NS SPCA has said that by the end of 2013 - they won't be able to enforce our laws anymore - they will move to being a simply educational and advocacy organization (as I understand it).

So then who will be enforcing our animal cruelty laws?

The police and the department of Agriculture - 2 departments with a less than stellar history - police - who love to shoot dogs that they think are moving in any kind of direction towards them (shoot now, think later) - and the department of Agriculture - who's budget for enforcing JUST farm animals right now is like 10,000 times greater than the SPCA's is - so imagine how much it would cost them to enforce the domestic animal part too - so why don't we just give the SPCA the money they're asking for - and save the tax paying Nova Scotia animal lovers a ton money right now?

I don't imagine that's going to happen, but wouldn't it be nice if the Nova Scotia government did the right thing?

I think we should all write our MLA and tell them we would like to have our tax dollars spent appropriately - give the NS SPCA the money they need to do the jobs that need to be done - to enforce the Animal Cruelty Act - and not have the police or the Department of Agriculture do it - which would end up costing the province - a whole lot more money in the end.

You can find your MLA - here


  1. Sometimes I think we are loosing all civility and reverting back to the stone age. This is unbelievable! Thanks for keeping us informed Joan, I'll be sure to write my MLA and I'll be encouraging others to do so as well.

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I am from NS, but live in the States right now, FL to be exact. In my community, I volunteer with a local humane society which is totally private. They do great work, one of many shelters around here that make a difference. They take in dogs and cats that are owner give ups regardless of reason. They partner with other shelters (and Animal Control) in the area and the state when they have room. Animal Control, which is run by the County, deals with everything else - strays, abuse cases, hoarding, etc. They have their own shelter and system of volunteers. Sounds like NS and/or the counties need to seriously look at this funding issue and put people on the job for whom this is their specialty.