Thursday, September 6, 2012

TONS of stuff going on

There is a lot of stuff going on in the near future - so I thought I'd mention a few of them that I've heard about -

Animal Rescue Coalitions is having a meet and greet on September 7th from 6 – 8pm at the Chester Yacht Club - it's going to be hosted by Tracy Jessiman, supporter of ARC.
Anyone who donates will have their name entered in a draw and three names will be drawn at 8:00pm for free pet portrait paintings by Tracy even if you can't attend you can be entered for the draw - I can attest to the beautious-ness of Tracy's pet portraits - because I have one! haha! Tracy immortalized Daisy in paint a couple year's ago, so I am very lucky to already have one of her super paintings - and you can have one to if you go to the meet and greet tomorrow night (Friday night). There's a Facebook event set up that you can get specific information about the event to click through to.

Saturday September 8th is the next humungous yard sale held by 2nd Chance Charity for Animals being held outside the Dartmouth SPCA at 5 Scarfe Court in Burnside Park - there's going to be tons of stuff there - something for everyone - and 100% of proceeds go to local animal welfare groups - it's win/win for everyone!

Sunday September 9th there's going to be a pug meet at Fort Needham Park at 1pm in the north end of Halifax - the pug's don't discriminate though - just as long as you're a small dog - you can come and play with them - they don't mind - and Fort Needham has an off-leash area - so you can go and play off leash with them! Yay!

They have also set up an event page that you can go find out more information about the day if you need to

On Monday September 10th you cannot miss the official campaign launch event for Tuxedo Stan - I know I won't be missing it! It's going to be at Freeman's in Fairview on Dutch Village Road - I hope you already have your tickets though - because as of today - tickets are unavailable - I don't know if you may be able to payola your way into some tickets between now or then though - so go check out the Tuxedo Stan event page to see if you can buy your way in to Tuxedo Stan's good graces - I'm just sayin'.,...

Next weekend - is putting on a fund raiser over at Animal Acres hospital at 721 Main St, in Dartmouth - Elderdog is a great organization that is a national group that is based here locally, so they need all the money they raise - they are fabulous.

This event is happening October 13th - so click on their event page to stay up to date on what's happening with it and buy your tickets early

And get your tickets for this event SOON - because this is going to sell out very fast!

And keep posted for a dinner and auction that's going to be happening in November hosted by Atlantic Small Dog Rescue - it's being held on Nov 3rd at Shooters Bar in Enfield, from 6pm-9pm - it's going to be a lot of fun - and bring lots of MONEY!

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