Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Before" Pictures of Sassy

These are the unbelievable "before" pictures of Sassy - the little dog I adopted this week through Atlantic Small Dog Rescue

Can you imagine that someone would allow a dog to get to this state?

She was originally rescued by a groomer in New Glasgow who transformed her into the beautiful little bichone frise that she is today. Sassy was so lucky to have found, her - that's for sure. You can tell from the above pictures that her eyes were completely covered by fur.

It was only this morning that I first saw these photos.

I had been wondering why Sassy's eyes seemed so sensitive to light - and now I know why. She's not used to being able to see clearly. Poor Sassy.

She is continuing to settle in, and becoming more comfortable each day.
She is finding Bubby to be a great friend and they are actually playing together - she is initiating play with him and vice versa, so that's nice to see - and she is a very hungry dog, so when it's meal or treat time she's starting to get a little look in her eyes and her feet are moving a bit faster then.

So far she hasn't wanted to get up on the bed at night - if she ever wants to do that - that will be a huge milestone. I hope for my sake it doesn't take too long!


  1. My God, that poor little dear, she must have suffered a great deal. I bet she feels like a new dog. Well, the tide has turned in her favour and I'm sure every day will just get better and better.

  2. I know, Marjorie - how can you make up for that? Whenever she asks for something I am really trying to not say no - that's for sure.

  3. Ahhh looks like she is blooming. She's a beauty!! :)

    Sarah & the Weens

  4. Hey Joan, were deleted buddies from KAREN, HOw are you! Love sassy, I have one jus tlike her, "AMY"