Sunday, June 3, 2012

A couple videos

Below are a couple videos - one from yesterday of Buttercup rolling in the backyard where she's thinking she's 2, not 18 - and one from 5 years when life was so very different. The first video made me think of the video from 5 years ago...

And here's a 3rd one that's all killer, no filler -

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  1. Oh, I like the Pure Happiness one, Joan - when Daisy & Charlie (was that his name, or another dog you had?)were still around and happy. It's amazing how old Buttercup is, when most of the old dogs in our "Seaview Pack" are gone now. Makes me feel sad and wistful - even though Siska's still going. At 14 and a half (maybe) she's still pretty good, though pretty deaf, can't see that well, wants to run and play, but her arthritis and lack of stamina now curtail it quite a bit. She falls down sometimes, and I think she has little spells of dementia at times - but she's still cheerful and sweet and likes to take herself for walks when I'm not paying attention. Seems like a LONG time ago when they were all young, doesn't it? Makes me sad thinking of all that has changed. Hope you're doing OK - let me know what's new, and take care!
    - Marian & Siska