Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Pekinese has won best in show at Westminster in 2012

So once again a pekinese - "Ch Palacegarden Malachy" a.k.a. "Malachy" - has won best in show at Westminster - which says to me that breed clubs really are just interested in looks and breed standards and the perfection of an animal as it's written in a standard and not necessarily anything that's got to do with dogs living in homes and having happy, healthy, lives.

I couldn't imagine having a dog who's eyeballs could pop out any any moment and could become overheated and had to sit on ice packs, and who's nose was positioned so far back into his skull that his face was inverted.

It's funny - because I don't think that dogs recognize pekinese dogs as dogs, just like I don't think they're real dogs.

Whenever a dog comes on the television - Bubby will run over and bark like crazy at the television - and I've watching the television show - "Dogs that Changed the World" and they had quite a long section on Pekinese dogs - and Bubby looked at the tv and didn't bat an eye - he did not recognize those things running around on the screen as being dogs and something worthy to be barked at. It really struck me that even dogs can tell when we humans have gone too far.


  1. As a rule I don’t agree with breed prejudice, but I have to say that I too was both perplexed and disappointed with this “best in show.” It is interesting that this was the judges choice at this particular time with all the controversy swirling about the pedigree dog world. I was disappointed like you Joan in that form (standard) was the consideration over function. I really think it’s time to do away with these subjective beauty pageants for dogs. If we are to judge a dog let it be on something of merit like his/her character/temperament, intelligence, and/or athletic ability. Like many others I’d like to see breeding for behaviour, function and health. Looks are too subjective and basically meaningless. A dog that has been bred and genetically altered so that it cannot physically and psychologically function to full capacity of the species for the sake of a particular “look” is a crime in my books.

  2. Having grown up with Pekes, I can attest to what a wonderful breed they are! Trust me, ours looked nothing liked the perfectly coiffed versions you see in the show ring (but then....most breeds don't)....we managed to keep ours trimmed, cleaned, brushed & well groomed. And Jody & Mitzi both lived to be 17 & 18 years old!
    They are wonderful companions....Mitzi was the reason my Dad kept on living after my Mom passed.