Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bubby has a fabulous time at Seaview

Bubby had a great time today at Seaview
He got to play for quite a while with this pug - they were a good match for each other
The mix this afternoon was pretty good so the playing was a lot of fun for everyone - those kinds of afternoon are always so joyful to watch, and hard to leave - although today seemed like about -20 celcius - so it wasn't that hard to leave! haha!
Everyone having fun
And more fun, yay!
This guy wasn't having too much fun - she kept throwing up, but eventually her owners did take her seriously and left. Poor little girlie. Bulldogs always look so sad, but when you look this sad and you're throwing up - that's really sad. I'm glad Bubby has a happy face.

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