Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy weekends coming up + Charlie loves Halifax Updates

This weekend we've got the "Meow Mixer" at Farrell Hall in Dartmouth for us all to go to to spend our money at - a bunch of charity's have rented a hall - over 30 tables - and they're going to be selling yard sale type stuff to raise money for themselves so they can pay down their vet bills and stuff like that. Isn't that fabulous?
And then next weekend - we're going to do it all over again with the "Indoor Yard Sale" out in Fall River being sponsored by Atlantic Small Dog Rescue - so don't spend any money at Frenchy's or Value Village in the next 2 weeks - spend all your money at these 2 events - there's going to be lots of good stuff to buy - I know - I'm sure there's a few things (or maybe more) that I've donated that'll be there - all Killer - no filler!

I did have to get my fix last night though and found this little gem at Value Village - isn't it just the cutest thing? It's a dog shaped lamp made out of wood and chicken wire. When I saw it I knew I had to have it - and only $2.99 ! They didn't know what kind of a piece of folk art they had when they only wanted such a pittance for it. I will love it dearly for many years to come.

On the "Charlie loves Halifax" website front - I've been in doing updates to the site - and even gone so far as to give Bubby his own page! For some reason I haven't been able to get the domain to work yet - but I'll get 'er running at some point - the page is working - you can get there by clicking on this link - it talks about why he can't be the star of the website - yet, but maybe someday he will be.
Next May is the 10th anniversary of the Charlie loves Halifax site - and I find that to be a pretty exciting thing.

I've never been able to figure out why nobody has copied the site - and kept it going - lots of people have started sites that are sort of like it, but then they've never kept it up.

I've got some ideas about what I'm going to do for the anniversary - and I'm looking forward to it - I'm not ready yet to say what it is - but it's going to be pretty huge, and you may be able to set your coffee on it - and local rescue may make some money from it. And it's going to take a ton of work.

Charlie was my once in a lifetime dog, who can never be replicated. My 120 pound pocket-dog who could go anywhere because he was so well socialized, well trained - and such a happy dog - everybody loved him. When he leaned into you - he was your friend for life.

If only everyone could experience that kind of unconditional love - the world would be a much different - and better place. I am convinced of that.

And that is why I keep the site up to date and running - because I am sure there are other people out there somewhere who feel like me about dogs. I know I can't be the only crazy person who wants to spend 24 hours a day with their dog, and spend as much of their disposable income as possible on them as well - and is also willing to build an absolutely huge website for free with no advertisements whatsoever.

I think 10 years is a long time for any website - and I'm proud of that accomplishment. The site has had millions and millions of hits - everyone of them from people who are only there because they love their dog. And I want the 10th anniversary not to pass by unnoticed.

So stay tuned - because I'm hoping that you're going to like what's going to happen.

ps - I went in and did some other updates too - to the doggy day care and dog walker pages - that list always seems to grow and contract everyday for some reason! So check out the main page for some things I've added as well as those 2 pages - and did you know that the NSLC on Quinpool Road is dog friendly - so if you want to buy your liquour - go there! And your dog can do some licking too!!!

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