Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's NS SPCA Bark in the Park

If the number of people at the HRM's NS SPCA Bark in the Park indicated whether or not the event was a success - I'd say it was the best ever - because I've never seen so many people at an SPCA event before - there were cars parked up and down the road outside Africville Park (Seaview) - and the park was chock a block with people. It was amazing - and heartening to see.

All the dogs and people were having fun, and there were no problems between dogs or people - the park was absolutely full of people - there was a space for children, there was a space for the event, and there was a space for people who came to exercise their dogs off leash. It was a really well run event.

The SPCA has really got the event figured out I think.

THere are events for people to get involved in - a dog show for things like cutest dog, biggest dog - a little competition for people to get involved in if they want to win prizes, there's a vendor alley where companies can sell items and they also give stuff away - which is really good - for the public, and also people like me who love to go to events like this and spend money - I bought a few things - a new leash, a first aid kit and bag, a hankie - and there were also freebies to be had.

I also learned something new and SO VALUABLE to know. In Nova Scotia - if a disaster were to happen and you had to evacutate - you never have to evacuate without your pets.

Because the organization DART NS exists - you can always evacuate with your pets - one space is set up for the human evacuaees to stay at - and DART NS opens up another space for their pets.

I never realized that - and I think that is so awesome and we are so lucky to have that here in Nova Scotia - that this organization really needs to be supported. Now that I know this -I'm going to spend a lot more time supporting them. I think that is so awesome.
These are packages they called "comfort kits" that they give out to people who have evacuated with their pets - they have one for cats and one for dogs - it has the necessities of home that people may have left behind.

I also love the fact that on their promotional literature they come out and say to not leave their dog chained outside behind - that it's a death sentence - it's great that they say that.
Bubby is so awesome - his dog skills are super - here he is with a drug detection dog - and Buddy has the dog on a really tight leash and his dog is being really intense with Bubby - and Bubby is being really appropriate and cooling things off - even though he's just a little dog and the other dog could kill him with one bite. I love the way Bubby interacts with other dogs.
As usual the Therapy Dogs were at the event, and they had a full contingent there today with a beautiful big great dane showing what a good boy or girl he or she was
Bubby saying hello to a pair of huskies
I'd say that Pet Valu were sponsors of the event today - they didn't have anything to sell and were just giving a few freebies away - hopefully next year they'll have some stuff there that we can also buy - it was the Lacewood store that was giving free stuff away, which was great of them to do.
Three Dog Bakery has been a long time supporter of the SPCA's dog jog - they've had a table at everyone since they opened 4 or 5 years ago - and I've got to say - they make yummy treats for dogs, and I know - because I've tasted them! I like Three Dog Bakery - they really do make good treats and give back to the local dog community.
Here's a couple shots of the SPCA's booth - here's a happy lady because I'd just bought tickets on their basket that has $100's of dollars worth of excellent stuff in it and tickets are only $5 for 3 tickets!
A long shot of the booth - they really do a good job with education at their booth - I think they take this booth on a road show, which I'm sure does great things across the province.
Lastly is my best shot of the day - Christine Greening from Bark & Fitz - who had wonderful stuff to sell - so I was very happy at her booth! haha! and I was happy to spend money there too! I bought a bag that is also a first aid kit for when you're out being an urban dog trekker - it's called a "pet portables" bag and I've been lusting after it for awhile so I finally bought one today.

If there was an award for it - Christine would win the perkiest pet store owner award year after year - hands down!

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