Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love in this week at Africville (Seaview) Park

Me Buttercup and Bubbby went to Africville Park earlier this week for some running around and socialization and we found some dogs there who were doing that and some more - there was a 4 month old pit bull puppy who couldn't decide which end of every dog to hump - he was pretty cute
The dogs who were playing with each other payed almost no attention to him which was pretty funny - and you can tell that Bubby was smart enough to pretty much not get involved at all
I hope this guy stays as happy go lucky his (or her) whoe life as he (or she) was this week at Seaview - it was fun to watch - albeit pretty bad manners
But the other dogs just let him be
And you can tell by this photo that they were pretty much just mouth wrestling anyway -
So they didn't mind the puppy humping up and down them
He then went over and turned a tug of war into a three-way
This dog was a labra-doodle named Jude - I've never seen such a beautiful labradoodle - a very interesting looking mixed breed dog - I hope the owner didn't pay too much money for him as a hybrid dog - but he's an awesome dog and his owner loves him - and he's got a really good personality his owner said, which is what everyone wants.
Here's Buttercup doing what she does whenever we've gone to Seaview for the last 8 years - looking up at me saying "PICK ME UP!"
A couple more shots of well adjusted dogs playing....


  1. ha ha! That's some pup!

  2. Wonderful fun photos Joan !