Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Annual Rescue Dog Show!

Back in September 2003 - I had just gotten Buttercup a month earlier. I was so happy to finally have a little dog that I could take everywhere with me. I had made a purse to carry her around in, and my friend Tara and I decided that we'd go to the Halifax Kennel Club show out in Exhibition Park - we thought it'd be the perfect thing to take Buttercup to - a DOG SHOW!

(this is the very first photo I ever took of Buttercup - back in August of 2003 - do you think she looks any different compared to now?)

So we got to the front entrance and the lady there took one look at Buttercup and said - "You can't bring her in here! She is not a purebred dog - she is not being shown here. She cannot come in!"

I was horrified. Buttercup was perfect in every way - no different than any other dog that was in the building that day. I knew nothing about the pupurebreed dog fancy at that time and I was determined that at some future point - Buttercup was going to be allowed to go to Kennel Club shows because of my ability to dog politic - somehow.

I now know much better - that is never going to happen - mixed breed dogs are not going to gallavant with purebreed dogs at kennel club shows - what if they had some germs that spread? (that was one reason given to me at the time) - as well - it just made for too much excitement for the dogs being shown - another reason given.

In this regard - our worlds will never meet.

But Atlantic Small Dog Rescue has decided to create a new world - and on Saturday september 3rd at the Hants County Exhibition Grounds in Windsor Nova Scotia - they are going to have the 1st Annual Rescue Dog Show!

There is going to be a "Parade of Rescues" that you'll be able to enter your dog in - there are going to be lots of fun activities - Silvia Jay will be there talking about "Mindful Leadership" - usually her seminars cost about $60-$75 - so you'll be able to hear her speak for the very low admission price of $2 - that alone is worth the drive!

There is also going to be flyball and agility demonstrations as well as a fashion show.

There is also going to be a fashion show - as well as a vendor alley - so bring some money - because you're going to have a chance to spend it.

It's going to be a lot of fun! The day starts at 10am and ends at 3pm - so show some love for your rescue dog - and come to the first annual Rescue Dog Show.

I'm sure that this is just the first year of many years - you can find out more by visiting the Atlantic Small Dog Rescue's website - or by going to their facebook page - you can also email the event coordinator at events@asdrescue.com


  1. Hi - just a clarification: under CKC regulations (for official dog shows) no dogs not entered in a dog show are allowed on the premises. It has nothing to do with the breedline of the dog. For the record, no animals of any kind are allowed onto the premises unless they are participants, in an associated event, or a registered service animal. Don't take it personally, it's just the rules, and they should have explained it to you that way. (I have been a show superintendent, BTW.)

    If your dog was entered in a sanctioned agility or obedience event associated with the show, they would be allowed in as a participant (many of those events are open to mixed breeds).

    Don't label CKC rules as from "dog snobs" - it's far from the truth. The CKC (ultimately a body of its members... dog lovers) is involved in all things dog, including advocacy for rescues and dog-specific legislation (much of which is entirely ill-conceived). Highest of the CKC's concern is responsible breeding practices and responsible ownership practices... the lack of which result in the disappointingly high numbers of rescues. Indeed, I know a lot of members (well over a hundred), and the vast majority of them, almost all, participate in some rescue organization of some type (myself included).

    I applaud your event whole-heartedly - a standing ovation as deserved. I don't think it's fair for you to lambaste "dog shows" though. They may not be to your preference, and you may object to some of the activities, but they have their place, and they promote good breeding practices and responsible ownership.

    Kudos! I hope your event is hugely successful!

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    John - you are exactly right - I did not mean to pit this rescue dog show against the CKC Dog Shows - and I'm sure Atlantic Small Dog Rescue does not want to have that associated with their event either.

    I'm going to need to do some editing to my post to change the tone of the post - because you are right in your comment that I am appearing to be snide - and I did not mean to appear that way.

    Thanks for your insight.