Monday, August 29, 2011

Feeling fanciful with my photos

I've discovered a couple new programs - one is a google program - "Picnik" - it's attached to Picasa and you can either use the free version which gives you a few utilities, or you can upgrade to the full version for $24.95 a year and get a whole bunch of neat things that you can do with photos.

It's really user friendly and I like it a lot - I've always used programs like "Print shop" - and I've tried Adobe Photo Shop Elements and Corel Draw - meaning I bought the programs and spent all the money on them, and didn't really like them - but I spent the measly $24.95 and love Picnik.
All of these photos were done with Picnik - these pictures were taken yesterday at Prospect Bay - one of my favourite places on earth - except of courese for the last one, which was taken last night on the bed - but yesterday at Prospect Bay leads me to the next computer program that I wanted to talk about - it's a Microsoft FREE program calle "Photosynth" - and you take a bunch of pictures all in one area - and you download a little program from Microsoft - and they'll "synth" the photos together - and give you a final picture which is seriously neat.

I downloaded a bunch of pictures I took yesterday at Prospect Bay - and you can go and look at the final product - here - I think it's pretty neat - although of course since I'm a pretty shitty photographer, the photos are quite shitty.  But such is life.

What you do is you click on the toggle button - and you get a 360 degree view of what I was looking at yesterday - that is the cool thing about "Photosynth".

This is a photo of Bubby in bed last night. He really is the cutest - well, 2nd cutest - dog on the planet. Buttercup continues to be the cutest - but I didn't get any photos of her yesterday.

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