Friday, August 5, 2011

Bubby and Buttercup do the Frog Pond

I discovered today that the Frog Pond on the Purcell's Cove Road is an awesome spot. I talked to a lady there and she said that people bring their dogs there all the time and everybody's really friendly just as long as the dogs are friendly and everyone gets along - and we had a really good time tonight - Bubby got to play with a couple dogs - the humans were all friendly - it was great.
Oh yeah - duck poop!
Laying down in the water is the best way to cool off without having to actually do any swimming.
Pretty flowers in the water.
Here is Bubby's reqisite money shot for the day.
How much deeper should I go before I encounter those nasty ducks that are all swimming out there about 5 feet away? Will they pluck my eyes out?
Did you say that you wanted my to shake my water off right next to you? Is that what I just heard you say?
Hey? I hear someone coming around the corner that we can bark at! I'm pretty sure!

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