Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sail Boats at Point Pleasant Park tonight

I had forgotten that Wednesday nights sail boats go out into the harbour for some kind of weekly regatta - back in the day when I had Charlie and Leonard I used to have to avoid going to Point Pleasant Park on Wednesday nights because Leonard had a lot of sound based fears and when they would shoot the gun to start the regatta Leonard would bolt and we'd spend the rest of the evening trying to find her -
one night she was clocked running straight down the middle of Young Ave headed back to our apartment on Pepperell Street - it was not fun times back then - I don't know how many hours we used to spend looking for her when she'd run away because of something that had scared her at Point Pleasant Park - ususally though she'd always stay in the park, which was lucky.

But if you were a regular at the park 10 years ago and you remember people hollering "LEONARD, LEONARD!" That was either me or my husband at the time.

Anyway - on to tonight - the sail boats are so beautiful!
Buttercup being beautiful while looking at all the boats going by

Bubby didn't really care about what was going on out on the water - he just wanted to run around and have fun

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  1. Fabulous shots, Joan - I especially love the lighting in the third one from the end!