Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bubby likes to swim!

Today me Buttercup and Bubby went over to Shubie Park in Dartmouth where there was a combined Pug Pals of HRM and a Boston Terriers of HRM get together that was being held at the off-leash beach section - and it's safe to say that Bubby and Buttercup had a fabulous time.
I learned something very important too - Bubby likes to swim! He is the first dog I've ever had who will go in the water so this is very exciting for me - I love going to the beach and going to lakes - so it's wonderful that I finally have a dog who likes going in the water.
Bubby was so cute swimming around - he jumped right in with no prompting whatsoever - at the end of this post is about the cutest video you'll ever see - in my opinion anyway! This picture here is before he actually started swimming - this is where he laid right down and got his belly wet - this was also terminally cute.
This is where he was about to go in over his head - at one point I thought Buttercup was going to go in swimming too - I think I would have had a myocardial infarction if she had gone in too.
This little guy totally unimpressed with being asked to go swimming!
Pugs being happy!
There were fawn pugs everywhere today - it was very cute to see - I had never been to this section of Shubie before - it was a nice spot - although it only took a couple obnoxious dogs to ruin the experience for everyone - there was no place for dogs to go cool off if some dogs got over stimulated and/or their owners were not being responsible and withdrawing them from the action like there is at Seaview
This very happy great dane was having a great time with his kong wubba in the water.
A long shot of some of the frivolity

Here's the awesome little video -

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  1. That's adorable! Bubby is too cute.

    My 3 went bananas while this video was playing, ha ha!