Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bubby and Buttercup do Crystal Crescent Beach

This past weekend Bubby and Buttercup and me went to the beach, and the dogs had a ton of fun. It was so nice to see Buttercup playing at last with another dog.

At the same time though - at moments it was absolutely heartbreaking - like this moment I caught in a photo - she is going to be 18 years old next month - and her body cannot keep up with her brain - her back legs just don't work very much anymore - and you can tell here that sometimes she's running on her knees - she wants to run so fast - but she can't.

She doesn't let it slow her down too much though - it's amazing how she does keep up with Bubby, who is only 8 months old. She tells me when she's had enough - and then I pick her up and we all continue on with her walk.
At the bottom of this post is a slide-show of the photos I took at the beach - they're pretty amazing as far as I'm concerned - Buttercup is a super amazing dog - 18 years old and still able to carry on like she does. I am so lucky.

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