Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buttercup went to a new beauty parlour today - Fetching Pet Groomng!

I have known Leah Cutler for a long time - we used to go to Seaview Park at the same time every night and our dogs played together all the time, - she started out with Abby the husky, and then she rescued Hutch the St. Bernard from the shelter in Amherst - and lots of people then started to notice her coming and going every day - because Hutch is a very striking dog as you'll see below!

A couple years after I got to know Leah she got into the dog business and became a groomer - and we're all the better for it - and about a month ago she went into business for herself, and has taken over a grooming business out in Fall River - "Fetching Pet Grooming" - so today me and Buttercup went out so that Buttercup could get the spa treatment from her - and as usual - Buttercup was unimpressed - but I was pretty happy!
This is Buttercup after her bath - and the start of her torture session! haha!
This is Hutch - in his elder years he's developed a nose problem that has plagued him constantly - poor Hutch!
This is Buttercup giving me another one of her - "I am very unimpressed with you, my mortal slave!"
THis is a couple shots of Leah's latest dog - who she's had for a couple of years - a beagle samed Seagle!
He obviously does not like the camera!
And this is Abby the husky
Here's a body shot of Hutch - Leah's human baby Eli also made an appearance - but I like to stay away from human babies - so I didn't any photos of him!

Here is an after photo of Buttercup - I think she looks fabulous and exactly like I wanted her to look - Leah's phone number is 576-7387 and her address in Fall River is 1480 Fall River Road, Suite #2 - if you're in Fall River - she's the place to go! She doesn't have a website - but she has started a Facebook page - congrats to Leah for taking the plunge and starting her business - I'm sure you're going to be a huge success!

This is a photo of Charlie tonight - he didn't go today, but he looked so nice I had to include it in the post. Charlie is always beautiful.

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