Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spay-ghetti = Yum!

So me and my friend Janet went to the "Spay Day 2011" fundraiser "Spay-ghetti" at Michael's Bar and Grill on Young Street in Halifax - and the food was yummy - and there were lots of cat people were there partaking of the spaghetti, which was great to see.

It looks like there is great momentum building with this initiative - Vetcetera Animal Hospital has made an announcement on their facebook page -

Vetcetera Animal Hospital is a proud supporter of Spay Day Nova Scotia 2011! Dr. Raghavan is donating her time and the facility and all of our staff are donating thier time so we can contribute to this worthy cause. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

I think that's amazing - I have noted before what a great vet hospital Vetcetera is to the local rescue community is - and they are proving their mettle once again - they are definitely a company that should be supported with our hard earned dollars in my humble opinion.

The official "spay day" is May 1st - you can download an application form on the Spay Day's website - and also find out what the initiative is all about. It's fabulous that a group is trying to actually do proactive things in our community about what is perceived as the cat problem - and whatever we can do to support them - we should definitely do - now if the NSVMA would allow low cost spay and neuter, I think that we might actually start to get somewhere - but I think that will be in our grandchildren's lifetime!

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  1. I also know that the Atlantic Cat Hospital will also be participating ... good news -