Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Something happened yesterday that I didn't think would happen ever again
Charlie and Daisy wrestled - and in fact there was full all 3 inclusion dog wrestling and Buttercup was included which was fantastic
When Daisy was sick a couple weeks ago she was so sick that I thought she wasn't going to live - but somehow she's been able to pull herself through it, and she seems to be feeling better
I have to stop thinking that when the dogs get really sick that it means they're going to die - just because they are really old and have awful diseases and act really sick - doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to die - I'm sure it doesn't occur to them that they're going to die - so I think I should take on their attitude a bit more
Buttercup doesn't know that her back legs aren't quite strong enough to get her up onto the couch when she's got one of my sneakers in her mouth - but she still keeps trying to drag herself up there - but she does know that I am always there to give her a little push right at the moment she's trying to get up - so somehow she is always able to get up onto the couch when she's got one of my sneakers in her mouth. It always works out.

Here's a little slideshow of their wrestling match from Sunday morning. Please enjoy these 41 pictures -

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  1. Joan,

    Yes, take on your dogs' attitudes! So glad Daisy has rallied and is feeling better. Fun at your house! Love how dogs can pretty much always make us smile.