Friday, March 25, 2011

I have been to Mecca for little dogs - Brendas Dog Dudz

Buttercup and I were out in the neighbourhood, so we dropped into Brenda's Dog Dudz - and I was absolutely blown away by the little store that the owner Brenda has built up - and I think this little maltese dog was too! And I'd say that this little dog's owner is the better for it!
They're located at 281 Sackville Drive out in Sackville - and when I went inside the front door I immediately realized that there's nowhere else in the HRM that is like the store that I had just entered - and I was SO pissed off at myself because I had left my good camera at home!
When I walked in the walls were covered with clothes just like in a human clothing store - but they were all little-dog clothes - and there were 3 people in the store shopping - and they each had 2 dogs in their arms that were no more than 4 or 5 pounds each. I just melted. And they were all trying different clothes on the dogs. I knew I had entered a world that you don't see everyday!

If you have got a small dog - and you like to buy clothes for your dog - or you have been looking for a cute t-shirt for them, or a nice collar - you MUST go to Brenda's Dog Dudz. I cannot believe that I have never been there before today. What a hidden jewel. She also has collars and leashes for all sizes of dogs - not just small dogs - so if you've got a large dog you should go check her out.

She also caters to the greyhound community and has a lot of clothing, leashes and collars for them as well - because I think that greyhound people dress their dogs almost as much, if not more than small dog people do. She's got snoods, pyjama's, knitted, crocheted, arctic fleece - every kind of coat for greyhounds - and those type of shaped dogs.

She also sells dog furniture as well - which is awesome - she has wooden dog beds - raised feeding stations, and steps - which she has made by someone locally - which is great because all the money stays local as well - and everything is really well made.

To say that I was impressed with Brenda's Dog Dudz is an understatement - the quality of her clothes was awesome, she uses local people to crochet and knit and make her furniture and leashes - it's all good - and the fanciness of the little dresses there was impressive.

You could really get carried away with spending a lot of money outfitting your very beautiful little dog - she also has purses to carry your dog around in too - so she pretty much has everything that the modern dog owner needs!

This is how Buttercup looked when she left the store - all geared up in a pretty pink t-shirt from the sale bin - Brenda has a big bin of clothing that's all $5 for anything in the bin - which is my style of shopping! haha! You can tell Buttercup is really impressed - she had her eye on a $50 very cute dress - so she left very disappointed - and she was letting me know loud and clear! Maybe next time Buttercup!


  1. I love that you spoil your doggies. They totally deserve it :)

  2. Brenda and her DOG DUDZ rocks - and she is a true supporter for so many fundraisers - without a doubt Brenda cares - kudo's Brenda

  3. If I had a little dog, I'd totally check that out. Poor Buttercup, though - clothes from the sales bin.