Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poor Daisy

I had Daisy to the vet yesterday - she looks like she hasn't been feeling well lately - she's just not herself - jumping around and playing, and being a typical goofy rottweiller. She's been having a lot of problems breathing - you can hear her from the other side of the house when she's laying down, and a lot of times she'll be breathing really heavily and then she'll sit up - like as if she just can't catch her breath. She also has a big tumour above her right eye that I just wish there was something I could something about.

We had bloodwork to test for cushings, we tested her sugars to see where her diabetes is, we have xrays taken of her lungs, her back legs, her spine, and 2 vets had a look at her eye.

It turns out that both of her back ACL's have partially blown - I don't know how long her knees have been like that - she hasn't exhibited any symptoms of that - she has spondylosis in 2 or 3 of her vertebrae - which are under a big sebaceous lump on her back that's probably a little bit bigger than a golf ball.

That scares me because my first dog George died from degenerative disc disease when a disc popped out and then popped back in her spine and it wasn't caught in time by the vet - even though we had her to the vet within a couple hours of it happening - he thought it was her colitis acting up - she becamse paralyzed, and within 3 days she was dead.

She doesn't have cushings disease - so that's not what's causing her constant panting - but she does have a ton of little white spots all through her lungs. The vet doesn't know what they're from - so he's sent her xrays off to a radiologist up in Ontario to see if they can figure out what it is. But you can see them really plainly - her lungs are filled with little white spots.

Poor Daisy. Her body is just completely falling apart. And there's nothing they can do about the tumour over her eye - if they try to remove it there wouldn't be anything to stitch together to replace to have an eyelid there - so the vet just recommends leaving the tumour there. The hardest part is that the tumour is also growing invward just as much as outward - so it's pressing on her eyeball - which must be uncomfortable.

I remember back in 2006 - Daisy was in her prime - and I made the below video - it is a classic. Enjoy -


  1. Poor Daisy. Dogs bring such joy and sadness into our lives.

    Daisy is lucky to have you as her human.


  2. Aww geeze. :( Big hugs to Daisy from me and my crew (and a hug for you too)

  3. Aww, poor Daisy ... it sucks when your furbaby has an issue and you can't do anything about it. You feel helpless.

  4. sigh - it so sucks that our animals age before us.
    Daisy is hugely lucky to have you as a loving owner - all your dogs have benefited from being your companions.