Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nova Scotia's dog training world lost a lively soul today

Silvia Jay's dog Davie died today - she had been suffering from lymphoma for awhile - and today she lost her fight
She had a pretty long life though - but it's always hard to say good-bye to any dog - so I'm sure that Silvia's house if very sad right now - Davie was a once in a lifetime dog who had helped a ton of dogs get on the right path - Silvia likes to use her dogs in her work as a dog trainer - and Davie was an awesome dog to help out
Silvia talks about Will and Davie a lot on her blog and I'd imagine that Silvia's like any proud dog owner and looks for excuses to talk about her amazing dogs like in a post where she says that "her dogs are gifted" - and having met Will and Davie several times - I would have to agree with her.
I have been deeply in love with everything Silvia Jay for several years now - and that includes her dogs - so I am very sad to hear that Davie is gone - she was a beautiful example of her breed that was lovingly guided by her owner. They had a wonderful life together. I feel bad for the dog left behind - Will - but I'm sure that Silvia and her husband Mike will make sure that Will is taken care of.

When I went into my bedroom to turn my computer on to write this post - I noticed a post-it note on my wall that I written a little poem on - which is very pithy for this post - if you don't mind that it has the word "human" in it - consider that the poem is just about all "sentient" creation - and it can then become applicable, which I think it is.

Have a good journey, Davie - you made a big difference while you were here - and you'll continue to make a difference - even though you're gone.

"Four Reminders"

Joyful to have
Such a human birth
Difficult to find
Free and well-favoured.
But death is real,
Comes without warning,
THis body
Will be a corpse.
Are the laws of karma;
Cause and effect
Cannot be escaped.
Is an ocean of suffering,
Unbearable intense.


  1. Davie was beautiful, from the sounds of things- inside and out. So sorry for your loss, Silvia

  2. beautiful post. I am sure Sylvia is realistic when it comes to the death of a pet, but that certainly doesn't mean it hurts any less. We will light a candle tonight for Davie to help her on her journey

  3. Thank you for this post, dear friend, from the bottom of our hearts.
    Mike and Silvia