Saturday, March 5, 2011

I agree with YOU, Zonda

Tonight on W5 they did a story about animal hoarders and included the case of Celtic Pets - a "rescue" here in Nova Scotia that was headed by a woman named Zonda MacIsaac who actually was keeping many, many cats in an unheated sewer-backed up basement, and dogs in feces and urine filled cages for years at a time because she believed that if she didn't keep them there the Cape Breton SPCA would kill them - but really, she just wanted to keep them - for what reason we'll never know.

She kept at least one dog, Zeus - in a cage for several years in a cage at her "rescue" - after having lied to several people that he'd been adopted out. Many people had volunteered to help her many times - and she always refused help.

Her mother Alice - was just as bad as her - even worse, because she was an SPCA Special Constable - and she wasn't even mentioned in the W5 news piece.

In the W5 piece tonight Zonda said she was NOT a hoarder - and I agree with her - she wasn't a hoarder - she was just a dirty, low-life animal abuser.

An animal hoarder is someone who feels choiceless in what they're doing - they have a biological disease with an OCD component that they need to get help for - Zonda MacIsaac knew exactly what she was doing - she chose to leave those dogs and cats in the building that she had bought on West Bay Road for days at a time without food and water so that her neighbours were left to be tortured by the barking and barking and barking day and night - knowing that no one was there to take care of them - knowing that the animals didn't have food or water or care.

The W5 piece was way TOO KIND to include Zonda MacIsaac in their story - she should never have even been included in a story on animal hoarders. And to have her be in the last part of the story - with the animals that she was given back after she was found guilty of animal cruelty - given back dogs by the justice system in Nova Scotia today - to be found guilty of animal cruelty on the scale that she was seen to have committed - and then given dogs back to actually live with her - really shows where we are in Canada today in regards to rights for companion animals.

If I can say anything - it is to say a prayer tonight for those dogs you saw at the end of the W5 story who live today with Zonda MacIsaac - one of the worst animal abusers Canada has today - would you want to be a dog living in her house?

And the justics system in Nova Scotia gladly gave them back to her - AFTER having found her guilty of animal cruelty.

You can watch the episode at

Now THAT'S a story I would like to see W5 actually cover.


  1. monica8:47 AM

    I was shocked when I saw Zonda MacIsaac & Celtic Pets was featured in this story - Paula Todd obviously didn't do her research.

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    The dogs that Zonda had weren't seized, I don't think. They were some of the ones who lived with her, not in the house of horrors that she chose to forget about when they were out of sight. She should not be allowed to own a stuffed toy. In 16 years the restriction will be lifted and she will pick up where her mother left off.

  3. Zonda and her mother were given back dogs that the SPCA had considered "unadoptable" and were therefore deemed to be killed by them. The NS SPCA at that time was a very different NS SPCA than it is now - giving back dogs to the animal abusers MacIsaac was part of their plea bargain - they were not actually convicted of anything - they got everything they wanted in the end - Nova Scotia for animal abusers is a good place to live - and the animal abusers MacIsaac are living proof of it. Hopefully the NS SPCA is not the same organization it was back in 2008 and the evil that was at it's core is gone now - and the people that were there at the time have not just moved on to other organizations. We can only hope. And I have chosen my words on purpose there.

  4. What an awful story Joan. If you abuse one of your children all of your children are seized for their protection.

    Why were not charges brought agains the mom who worked for the SPCA ?

    Is this woman being monitored now ?

    I thought W5 did their background research. I wonder if there was some sort of litigation concern at the soft approach ?

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  5. Good points Sybil - and yes I do think they were 'pussy footin' over Alice's conflict of interest and her collusion with Zonda. There is no way Alice did not know and participate in this abuse.
    Very hard show to watch as we again had to relive the horrors that these women chose to mete out to these animals. Animal law in our province and across Canada is woefully inadequate.

  6. They both did it.They both neglected thoses dogs and cats!Zonda had the big excuse she was depressed and marriage problems which is all bullshit and her mother was just as guilty as her daughter.Both should be in jail chained to the wall'n😡