Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dog walk this Sunday for 100 sled dogs + letter to editor in today's paper

A lady by the name of Kim Stoodley has organized a dog walk this coming Sunday at the Halifax Commons - one of many walks being held across the country - for the 100 sled dogs that were inhumanely killed out in British Columbia.

If you are around on Sunday and you have an hour during the afternoon to spend some quality time with your dog and some other people at the Halifax Commons - you should come out and show that animals are not disposable and deserve a humane death - no matter what you've used them for during their lifetime.

The event starts at 1pm at the Halifax Commons - you can find out more at Kim's blog - and also at the Facebook page where you can rsvp for the event.Hopefully we will see you on Sunday!

In other news I had a letter to editor published today on the same subject - I haven't written a letter to the editor in a long time - nothing has moved me enough to send anything in - but this story has gotten me jazzed up enough to write an email to the Chronicle Herald - which they put in today's paper. I have been really lucky for some reason that they seem to always publish every letter I write them.

If you don't feel like clicking on the photo at left to read the letter, this is what it says -

"It is amazing and wonderful that the 100 sled dogs tragic and inhumane
death in BC is getting the amount of news coverage and public
revulsion that it should - but it is not an isolated incident in a
world where animals are treated as completely disposable - especially
here in Canada where our criminal code gives them almost no

Right here in our own backyard in 2008 a puppy mill in New Brunswick -
Chapman Kennels - shot 175 of their breeding dogs in the head when
they shut down their business - and it didn't even make the news - no
one cared - in the business of making money - whether it's agriculture
or puppy mills, or "outdoor adventures" - the bottom line rarely
involves the comfort and safety of animals.

The President of the Nova Scotia SPCA this week said that the Criminal
Code of Canada for animals has not changed since 1892. That might be
a good place to start.

Joan Sinden"

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  1. Had I known about the dogs in New Brunswick, Joan, I would have cared. I had no idea :-( The time for the laws to change is NOW! Not after another tragedy like this hits the news.