Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Scarves in honour of Halifax Canada Games

There are some high school students locally who have made some neat scarves as part of a junior achievement organization that they've launched - and they were here where I work this week selling the scarves - this young fellow named Will was selling them when I dropped by to pick up one of the scarves - isn't he the cutest?

I've been wanting to spend some money on Canada Games stuff - the nearest I can tell the only place you can buy junk is down at Barrington Place - and I think the last time I was down there was when I was working there in the early 1990's - so the chances that I'm going to go there are slim to none - so I was happy to buy one of these cute scarves for the bargain price of $20.

I am happy to support the Canada Games here in Halifax - especially since their mascots are Nova Scotia duck tolling retreivers!


The Canada Games open today here in Halifax - so for the next 2 weeks Halifax is going to come alive with hoopla and falderal. I can't wait. I'm going to be hiding out under my bed in Spryfield. I'll see you after the beginning of March.

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