Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Leonard was Charlie's biological sister - who we got from a backyard breeder when she was 7 week's old on December 21st, 1989 - I got an email from my exhusband that she died yesterday. This is Leonard when we first got her - when she was just a little little baby, she was just the cutest little thing.
Leonard and Charlie were the perfect 2 dogs - brother and sister, perfectly matched, beautiful dogs. When my husband and I split up - I kept Charlie - and he took Leonard, eventually
I took Leonard up to him in April 2005 - so Leonard and Charlie were together for the first 6 years of their lives, and it was a great love affair.
They were completely different dogs in every way - Leonard was afraid of everything, and Charlie could barrel through anything - but Leonard was physically totally beautiful and a perfect petite sheltie shape.
I've talked about Charlie and all his 11 siblings alot on this blog - this is Charlie with Leonard and Solie - but over the years we've come into contact with almost all the littermates which has been pretty neat - but Leonard was Charlie's first and closest friend.
And for me personally, she is the last connection to my past life, the last connection to my ex-husband - the life I had back then is truly all gone now that she's gone, now there really is no link to that lifetime anymore.
I wonder if Charlie can tell that Leonard isn't around anymore. When I got home from work tonight I told him about her, I really wish there was a heaven so that they could meet up again - I'm sure he would have liked to have seen her again - I know that they'd have recognized each other - they spent the best 6 years of their life together. When we split them up they were both really depressed, but it had to be done.
Leonard was a total stick dog - the bigger the stick the better - and Charlie never gave a shit about sticks or balls - and that's something I've really missed ever since - I've never had to throw a dog a ball since 2005 - Leonard was a great dog - and she lived a good long life - 12 years is pretty good - I hope she was happy. I'm sure she was.

Her owner had his once in a lifetime dog - it doesn't get any better than that.


  1. OH Joan - sorry to hear about Leonard's passing ... even though for a number of years Leonard was not physically in your home- I know she was with you in your heart.

  2. Very sorry to hear about Leonard, Joan.

  3. My condolences Joan. :(