Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daisy's diabetes is finally under control

It's been a long haul since October 7th when Daisy was diagnosed with diabetes - but it seems like we finally have her sugars under control and the Dr. Doucette out at Westwood Hills said that I don't have to take Daisy out for another glucose curve for another six months - which I'm sure Daisy is pretty happy about! I know me and my Dad are pretty fan-damn happy! This picture is Daisy dragging the vet tech from the back to the front of the clinic tonight.

Her sugars have gone from being around 29 at the beginning down to a low of 5 to 7 the last time we were in a couple week's ago - when we were giving her 37 units of insulin twice a day - and today her sugar's were around 15 - 17 on 33 units of insulin twice a day - so we are going to stay on 35 units twice a day - and Daisy's weight is around 95 pounds.
Her energy and everything else is back to normal - although she still leaks urine from time to time - which is okay - she doesn't appear to be in any pain - and she's got some tumours that continue to grow - but she's gone from me thinking she die at any time - to me thinking that she's going to live a good long while - so I'm pretty happy.

Maybe Daisy will outlive Charlie and Buttercup now like I always thought she would - she's younger than both Charlie and Buttercup - only 10 years old - so I want her to live to be good and old. She deserves it I think.
While we were there - we gave a donation to the tree that Daisy is modelling here - for Animal Rescue Coalitions - you can donate whatever you'd like - and you get to take one of the ornaments home with you - since I don't have a tree to decorate - I just left my ornament on the tree there - but you can pick whichever one suits your fancy. And all proceeds go to ARC.

Daisy was mostly interested in that light brown chicken thing at the top of the photo though - AKA as a "Chicken strip"...


  1. Good news about Daisy. She deserves a longer life too. She is lucky she has someone like you to take such good care of her.

  2. So glad to hear that she's doing better. She looks like such a sweetheart. And you are wonderful for taking such great care of her.

  3. Great pictures of Daisy! But Joan don't think so much about dog death, you'll stress yourself out ;-) think about dog life! Daisy and Buttercup and Charlie are here with you today and i am pretty sure they will be here tomorrow too! enjoy! cheers my friend--janice