Monday, December 13, 2010

Awesome! NS SPCA embraces IAM's Home for the Holiday's Program

The Nova Scotia SPCA has put out a press release today saying that they are taking part in Iam's "Home for the Holiday's" program - which is a program that partners with shelters that don't shut down over Christmas like they've traditionally done - and placed millions of animals in homes instead of keeeping them in lonely cages when people are at home and actually have the time to spend with new pets.

I know that Iams tests their food on animals and sells shit dog and cat food - but it's a good program if you can keep the two things separate. Last year I wrote a blog post about the fact that Christmas is a perfect time to adopt an animal and is in fact a pillar of the no-kill paradigm according to Nathan Winograd - he even wrote an article about it called "Take them Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays" which is a must read.

And to counteract that philosophy is an article from another shelter locally - where you'll find the same boring old-school philosophy - is the Bide-Awhile shelter talking about how "Pets should never be given as gifts" and that "responsible shelters and breeders do not adopt out pets over the holiday season" - in an article on Halifax's News Net" - how tired and cliched and so untrue.

Here is the press release they put out today -


Nova Scotia SPCA wishes to see more animals home for the holidays

Halifax, Nova Scotia, (Monday, December 13, 2010) – The Nova Scotia SPCA is encouraging the public to embrace the season and give a loving home to a companion animal during the holidays.

In the past, animal welfare groups have discouraged adoptions at this time of year. Executive Director, Kristin Williams of the Nova Scotia SPCA feels differently. “We feel confident that regardless of the time of year, we can place animals responsibly. Bringing a pet into your home should always be an informed decision and never a surprise, but there are so many animals in need of loving forever homes and we need to start actively removing barriers to their successful adoption.” Williams added “I know that all of us would feel better if more animals were enjoying this time of year with loved ones.”

The Nova Scotia SPCA and its network of Branches are all participating in Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign. This campaign has placed over 4.6 million pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and birds. It is a world-wide initiative that began in 1999 and it is dedicated to helping orphaned animals find happiness over the holidays. Last year alone, over 1 million pets found their way into homes for the holidays.

Many of the Nova Scotia SPCA Branches are offering public friendly operating hours, gift certificates or the opportunity to sponsor an adoption. The Nova Scotia SPCA is also appealing to the public for donations to support animal care or cruelty investigations and many Branches have posted wish list items for donations in kind. To learn more, please visit and donate today!

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