Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A beautiful airedale available in nova Scotia

Gracie is an 8 year old airedale terrier who's had a hard life - she's already been through a couple homes who haven't understood her - so she's been labelled bossy and dominant - in her first home she spent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year outside - and then in her 2nd home - unfortunately I don't think they quite understood all the beautiful breed characteristics that an airedale can possess that are so typical of terriers - and why so many people fall in love with terriers - and so within a year she's been surrendered back to her rescuer - and she's now looking for a new forever home.

She's been in a kennel now for 5 weeks - and it's a wonderful kennel - but she needs to live in a home rather than a kennel - so we are putting out a plea to see if we can find her a home before Christmas - because Gracie deserves it.

If you know of anyone who's looking for something other than a puppy - and they know the breed type of terriers - ie they are very goofy and will do just about anything to grab your attention - right down to stealing the underwear from your bedroom floor and placing them out in the most visible part of your backyard for the neighbourhood to see - after she's chewed on them to her heart's content, and rubbed her sticky straight airedale fur all over your nice antique tibetan living room carpet because your new boss is coming over for brunch - and you don't have time to clean up before they arrive - and all of this is before 9am! - then you definitely know the airedale personality - and Gracie will be a good match for you!

You can see Gracie on Petfinder at http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18016918 - or email Maureen Tate at divineaire@gmail.com

Even if we could find a foster home for her until after Christmas - she may have a home in Ontario if transport can be arranged - but Maureen would really like to get her out of the kennel she's currently in.

Please spread the word about Gracie!


  1. I'd like to offer a free behavioral consultation to anyone who adopts this dog. Joan please let the foster family know if your in contact with them if they'd like to extend the offer. I would love to see this dog find a great home at christmas. I can be reached through my site at www.goldenruletraining.ca

  2. Thanks Tristan! I'll let Maureen know!