Friday, November 12, 2010

It is torture getting old

Today I took Buttercup over to Cole Harbour to be groomed so I took Charlie and

Daisy to Conrad's beach to go for a walk - Daisy did really well - she's had a bit of a rebound with her diabetes - she's been going in a couple times a week to the vet, and she's started to "curve" - she's gained a couple of pounds and she's not wanting to eat several gallons of water every day - so things are going pretty good with her at the moment.

Charlie on the other hand continues to be in pain - even taking daily doses of metacam - and today he started limping even before we had finished walking the boardwalk to get to the beach.

Osteo-arthritis, elbow dysplasia, old age - how long do you watch your once in a lifetime dog be in pain. Especially when there's good and bad moments. You watch them struggle to get up, struggle to lay down, watch them fall down, yet it seems like only last week they were running full tilt and wrestling with abandon on the same beach that today was torture for them.

This is the hard part of dog ownership. The part where people who own dogs will say "I'm never going to get another dog after this" - forgetting that there were 12 years of bliss. Luckily for me I've got it all on tape and in photos - today, and years ago...

Note - this video is NOT sped up - this is actually how fast Buttercup used to move...


  1. You are right. It is very hard to watch our friends slow down. BUT we do have all the good memories of the fun times & love we had with them. Sasha is slowing down but still playful but not for as long or going for as long a hike. I asked our vet one time for one of our Siberians how we would know & he said our dog would let us know & would have more bad days than good. Sounds like you are taking great care of them.

    Ernie,Sasha, & Chica's mom

  2. Dogs are the BEST! I'll always have one, because they bring true joy to one's life.

    We- too - went through a very painful time watching our once in a lifetime dog Lerie, struggle with congestive heart failure. It came on fast - and within three weeks - he was gone; we couldn't watch him suffer. A special box on the fireplace mantel hold his ashes. His picture and paw print are on the front. In tis way - he's always with us...

    What made a really tough time easier - was knowing HE knew we loved him. I'm sure your dogs know this in spades. ;)

  3. thanks for sharing with us .... though it is sad to see them aging - it would be sadder if they did not have you as a loving owner - they still love the beach and you are willing and able to drive them to one of their favorite spots. Would love to get out there again sometime - just know however that Maximo would fling himself into that cold frigid water.