Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daisy has diabetes

I knew something was wrong with Daisy. She hasn't been feeling well. I could tell. She's been sleeping alot, panting like crazy, and she's been leaking pee. She's had incontinence in the past - and it was fixed with vanectyl - but this time it's seemed different - her whole back end seems to be affected.
So we went to the vet this week - Westwood Hill Vet Clinic - we saw Dr. Doucette there - and he was very nice - and Daisy was very good. He did bloodwork and it came back positive for diabetes - her sugars are super high - as bad as Jack's were - which is such bad news - because Jack's were really bad. I asked Dr. Doucette if Daisy has very long to live - and he said he can't guarantee anything - he said 10 years old is very old for a rottweiller. Which it is.
I had been planning for cancer - so at least it's not cancer. But diabetes is just as bad to me. If not worse. It can kill a dog just as fast if we can't get her insulin under control. She's going to go in next Tuesday for a "glucose curve" to see how much insulin she's going to start out at - twice a day.

So we are starting on a 2nd diabetes journey in our family - first it was Jackie - now it's Daisy.
Buttercup was very concerned about Daisy when we were at the vet's - she knew how serious everything was I think. Daisy, Charlie and Buttercup have been together for 7 years now - they are a very close pack - it's going to be very hard - when one of them goes missing.

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  1. Wish I had a magic wand and could make it all better - sending healing thoughts to you all and a special hug to Daisy ...