Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow - a super uplifting pit bull story from Florida - Dolly

There is an amazing story about a pit bull named Dolly in Florida who was brought in as a stray and was adopted in 2009 - but in March of 2010 - she came back into the same shelter in Florida - to be surrendered by her "owners" - who told the shelter that she was fighting with her their other dogs - but it was apparent that she'd been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring, and the shelter thought they might have to euthanize her - but Dolly fought back, and lived. The shelter staff knew how kind and gentle a dog she'd been previously and kneww that there was no way she could have been a successful fighting dog - and she has since become a therapy dog - and lives now with other dogs - and is an ambassador for her breed.

She now has a video on You Tube that's going viral - and its a beautiful video that must be seen. You can watch it below and there's also a great news story about her at ""

The person who made the Dolly video has a 2nd video on their You tube channel - and it's also a super video - and it's called "a day in the life of a shelter worker" - and its another must see video - it's also below for your viewing pleasure.

Dolly also has a Facebook page if you want to go there and check her out!


  1. Wonderful video! I have immediately become the facebook fan of Dolly!


  2. Thanks for highlighting this story - clearly dogs are so forgiving when given the chance to show their true colours. Though I get depressed daily by the abuse shown to animals -I am then again heartened to know that there are many people as disgusted as we are and kudo's to all shelter workers and rescues that are truly working torwards a more humane society.

  3. I seem to be getting more thin-skinned as I get older. Even though I knew Dolly's story had a happy ending, it made me profoundly sad to see what happened to her.

    There are too many Michael Vicks in this world and justice is not done for dog's like Dolly.

    We are the worst animal of all and this world would be better off without us.