Monday, September 13, 2010

Still a few seats left for this weekend's Dog Play Seminar!

Are you interested in finding out what your dogs are saying to each other when they're deeply involved in wrestling with each other at the dog park? Or whether what they're doing is good dog play - or whether you should be going in and breaking up what is happening?

This weekend Silvia Jay from Voices 4 Dogs and Adina MacRae from Sublime Canine are holding a one day seminar - Saturday is all booked up - but there's still a few spots open for Sunday - that's going to be talking all about dog play, and dog communication.

They're going to go over all kinds of fun stuff - like what dogs are saying to each other - how humans misunderstand what the dogs are saying - WHY it's so important for us to understand what they're saying BECAUSE of the current bylaws that we have here in the Halifax Regional Municipality - and also how we can help our dogs get along better with the dogs that we meet on a daily basis.

It is going to be a GREAT day. It's going to start off in the morning at Happy Hounds Doggy Day care on Barrington Street where Silvia and Adina are going to give a presentation and answer questions as we go along - and then in the afternoon we're all going to go to Seaview Park - and watch dogs play! Yay!

If this sounds like a pretty good day to you - email - and prepare to have a fabulous day.

It's this Sunday - September 19th - and is guaranteed to be a day where you are going to learn a TON of new doggy stuff.

As well this weekend - the SPCA's yard sale that was supposed to be this past weekend - is going to be happening over at 5 Scarfe Court - happening because it was rained out - so if you aren't doing anything this Saturday September 18th - head over to Burnside and pick up some good junk.

And while you're there - they are having pre-registrations for the SPCA's Bark in the Park - which is coming up on September 25th - if you pre-register at the Yard Sale - you become eligible for a "Doggie & Me Spa Package valued at over $200. This fantastic prize includes a gift certificate to Remedy Facial Bar & Spa and a Tailwagrrrs grooming
certificate for your furry friend. The only chance to win this prize is to pre-register, so make sure you come out to the Yard Sale on September 18 to enter your name in the draw!"

Time is getting close! You've only got until September 21st to give your opinion on who you think is the best pet store in the HRM and who is the best salesperson in the HRM! Got vote - and let the Coast know who it is!! Last year you voted in Global Pets as the best Pet store - they were a GREAT choice! They are super philanthropic and only sell high quality dog food - another great choice is Bark and Fitz down on Doyle Street in downtown Halifax - maybe this year your choice will be 3 Dog Bakery over in Dartmouth Crossing? And also think about best salesperson? Maybe Jenn Sinclair at Bark and Fitz? She's a shining light in a lot of people's days!!! haha!

Tomorrow night - September 14th - at the "Tidnish Cross Roads" - there's going to be an "Evening of Music with Pic N' Grin, also Door Prizes, 50/50 Tickets and a
Raffle Basket" - it's afundraiser for the Lilllan Allbon Animal Shelter - and it's going to be what they're calling a "Pic-n-Grin Music Night" - now that sounds like a lot of fun!

September 26th - East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is putting on their "Abby Walk A Thon" - the location is going to be - Bissette Park on Bissette Rd in Dartmouth...starting at the Big Red Barn with the time being 11am to 1pm - what it says on their facebook page is - East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is holding its first Annual Remembrance Walk A remember beautiful Abby, the first German Shepherd to enter our Rescue. She was the Shepherd that led the way to saving so many more dogs over the past 4yrs. Abby recently passed away due to Cancer and we want to honour her memory. She was a wonderful girl a true testament to the Noble German Shepherd. Please contact us to obtain a Pledge Sheet or just donate 10.00 to join us in our walk. 435 9667 or


  1. Love to hear about the Dog Play Seminar! LOVE IT-LOVE IT-LOVE IT!

    We have offered this seminar at our shop and pup-parents find it truly enlightening.

    These types of seminars and sharing of information are ESSENTIAL. Halifax will never be a dog saavy place where you can take your dog out to shops, events and restaurants until we learn to understand more about the behavioral and communication skills exclusive to our canine friends.

    Fantastic! Love it. Did I mention I love it!

    Thanks again for all you do, Joan!

    Nicolle Bellefontaine
    The Chewed Slipper

  2. Darn! I sooooo wanted to go to this but my bf gets back from the US on Sunday and I am picking him up. Darn Darn Darn!

    I hope they do this again next year - I will so be there! :-)

    Thanks for posting this Joan.

  3. Looking forward to it!