Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silvia Jay and Adina MacRae's Seminar about Dog Play and Communication was a ton of Fun!

So this past weekend we had a seminar at the Happy Hounds Doggy Day Care with Silvia Jay and Adina MacRae and they talked about how dogs communicate and also what is proper dog play and how to tell the difference between good dog play and when it might be turning into something else.
From all reports it was a great two days - everybody learned a lot - and the dogs we saw at Seaview seemed to be having a lot of fun when we were there too!

By Sunday afternoon I was pretty tired and it was raining - so I didn't go to Seaview then - so these pictures are only from Saturday afternoon - this is a dog named Tank who is 18 months old - he seemed to be having a lot of fun!
This miniature poodle looked like they were digging tunnels in this 5 month old mastiff am-staff's bits and pieces - he was in there for quite a while smelling around!
This is a view of the water at Seaview park - there really is a spectacular "Sea View"!
This was a harlequin great dane have a nice game of fetch with his owner
This was a shot of our group "observing"
Here is Tank having some fun with the mastiff amstaff puppy - and an australian collie looking on
I seemed to take quite a few pictures of these two, didn't I?
A beagle trying to get a pekingese to play - I think he was successful too!

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